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Foggy vineyard

A Story of Firsts


The first vineyard was planted on the Bar’on site in 2009, replacing apple and apricot orchards. This was the Golan Heights Winery's first time analyzing a potential vineyard site with electroconductivity scanning, enabling the planting of the vineyard according to how the soil naturally varies within the site.

Hand holding a small plant


Bar’on Vineyard is among the first vineyards to be planted with new plant material after Golan Heights Winery became the Israeli agent of a world-leading company specializing in the propagation of ultra-quality vine scion and rootstock material. 

This ongoing process of vertical integration, from vine production to wine production, helps to ensure consistently high-quality wine results.

Closeup of the vineyard without grapes


The Bar'on Vineyard was the first to show consistently outstanding wine results – from its first harvest in 2012 across all varieties in the vineyard. Year after year, every single block of the vineyard shows exceptional results.

Closeup of vineyard with grapes


To recognize the outstanding nature of the vineyard, Golan Heights Winery produced from the 2013 harvest its first ever single-vineyard multi-varietal wine, named "Yarden Bar'on Vineyard.” The wine is a blend of the three red varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Petit Verdot. The percentages of the varieties in the wine reflect the percentages of the varieties as planted in the vineyard.

Hand holding of wine in front of the sunset


To mark Golan Heights Winery's 40th birthday, Bar'on Vineyard supplies us with yet another first: the first single-vineyard single-block wine of Golan Heights Winery - the Yarden Cru Elite.
This title is only given to wines from our highest-quality vineyards that consistently produce extraordinary wines.

Two bottles of Yarden Cru Elite wines on a rock


Two bottles and a unique digital collectable

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