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Barrels of wine


Specially crafted for Golan Heights Winery's 40th anniversary, these single-vineyard single-block duo wines from the Bar'on Vineyard are produced in limited quantity - one barrel from each block, each with a distinctive memorable taste.

Two bottles of Yarden Cru Elite wines


Dark, almost inky, color; aromas of ripe blackberries and black cherries layered with notes of chocolate, coffee, and hints of Sichuan peppercorn and mint; densely flavored, impressive yet needs its own time.

The western

Chocolate texture
Hand holding grapes
  • What is the price of the duo?
    The price of the duo is $2000, it includes 2 bottles of Yarden Cru Elite Cabernet Sauvignon wines and a digital collectible.
  • What is Yarden Cru Elite?
    Yarden Cru Elite is the first single-vineyard single-block wine of Golan Heights Winery, specially crafted for the Winery's 40th anniversary.
  • What is a digital collectible?
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  • How do I get my digital collectible?
    After you’ve purchased the Yarden Cru Elite duo, you will receive an email with a special link to redeem your digital collectible (NFT) in your wallet. If you don’t have a wallet, you will be guided on how to create one when redeeming the digital collectible.
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  • Is the digital collectible tradeable?
    Yes, once you redeem your digital collectible to your wallet, you can sell it on any of the NFT markets like OpenSea. Golan Heights Winery takes 0% royalties on secondary market sales
Landscape of a vineyard


Located on a volcanic ridge at 1,040 meters (3,400 feet), Bar'on Vineyard is one of Israel's coolest-temperature vineyards. The terrain is a mixture of basalt and tuff, and its deep clay soils display different variations in depth, texture, and water-holding capacity throughout the site.

Experience the First-ever


Woman holding a glass of wine


From its founding in 1983 until today, the Golan Heights Winery has expanded its influence on the local and global wine market, empowering winegrowers and winemakers to create different types and styles of quality wine.

The decision to bottle single-vineyard single-block wines was made after many years of monitoring and studying the uniqueness and potential of each block in Bar’on Vineyard.


The exclusive 265 duo wine sets are accompanied by a unique digital collectible design, custom-made for the series.

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Two bottles of Yarden Cru Elite wines on a rock


Two bottles and a unique digital collectable


Each bottle of wine is made of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from a different block in the Bar’on Vineyard:

Grapes in the vineyard
Hand holding cocoa beans


Dark color combined with aromatic ripe fruits such as cherries and plums, along with notes of earth, spice, cocoa, and black pepper; concentrated flavor combined with lively acidity; expressive, youthful yet approachable.

The eastern 

“The grapes were harvested on the same day. While they are obviously siblings, each is a world of its own.”

Victor Schoenfeld, Head Winemaker

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